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As you are looking at my website, you could well be going through a difficult time.  There is something you can do to improve your life.  There is hope. Help is available from many different sources.  Perhaps you will accept my help?  


You may be experiencing anxiety, depression or stress.    You might be worried about becoming addicted to substances or behaviours, or you might be struggling with a relationship. 


It may simply be that you are not getting what you need out of life any more, especially if you have experienced a loss or change recently.  You may have already decided to make a change in your life, and are looking for ways to make this happen quickly, effectively, and as painlessly as possible.


You don’t have to be alone with your problems.  Even if you can’t talk to family or friends, maybe because you want to protect them or because you are worried that they won’t understand, help is still available.


Almost everyone faces serious problems at some point in their life.  These can often appear unsurmountable, especially when they strike at the heart of us, when they affect how we feel, think or behave, when they affect mental health.  Even the term “mental health” can be embarrassing or frightening. Worse still, it can make us feel that what is happening is somehow our fault, or that we are weak.  This is not true.


Mental health issues affect people from all walks of life, all ages, genders, levels of intelligence, sexual orientations, cultural and racial backgrounds.  No one is immune.  Poor  mental health is likely to affect all of us, or someone close to us, at some point in our lives.  The symptoms can range from simple everyday frustrations, which can be addressed relatively quickly, to more complex longer-term conditions.


When we are physically ill, we can often see that something is wrong.  This may mean that we are a bit under the weather, or that we need to ensure there is nothing more serious going on. The important thing with any discomfort or illness is not to ignore the symptoms.  It is better, with the help of family, friends and professionals, to focus on restoring the balance and harmony in our lives.


In practice, most people just become aware that something isn’t quite right.  They are not sure what is wrong or even why things have changed.  Consequently, trying to list every possible mental health condition is of limited value.  Instead, I invite you to have a look around my website, and if you think or feel it would be helpful for us to do some work together, go to the Your Choices page and get in touch.

Dr G S Wilson PhD Registered Member MBACP



Help is at hand...


Why not take advantage of my effective and affordable counselling therapy?  It draws upon a range of techniques in order to offer you a bespoke service.


I am based in a purpose built Therapy Room in UPTON.  This is situated in a private and peaceful setting which maintains your anonymity. 


I serve the needs of clients in the ACKWORTH, PONTEFRACT, BARNSLEY, and DONCASTER areas and beyond. 


Call me, Stuart, on

07900 827476   to discuss your needs or make an appointment.  My email address is:


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