What Happens In Therapy?

During our initial meeting, we will discuss two things.  First, what you see as the main issues or problems you are currently facing, and second, a bit about yourself.


Many people new to counselling are a little nervous, which is why I adopt an approach which keeps you firmly in control.  When we face a life crisis of whatever type, it is crucial that we do not let it take over the whole of our lives, or even dictate when and how we address it.  Only when you feel ready to disclose further details about your concerns or feelings, only when you feel safe enough, do we look more deeply into what is troubling you.


You will decide what you share about yourself, and the level of detail you share. Usually, it starts with simple facts about yourself.  What did your family (or families) you grew up in look like? Who is in your current family and circle of friends? What do you do in any work or leisure time?


Looking into your history can help us determine how your past experiences are affecting your present and future life.  Working together, we discover what patterns or habits have developed that are affecting how you think, feel and behave today.  Some of these you will easily recognise, but some will be new to you. It is working with these hidden influences that will enable you to take more control of your life.


The therapy I offer is very practical, down to earth and natural.  However, it is completely in line with the very latest discoveries in psychology and neuroscience.  As well as the core work of carefully structured discussions, many clients choose to benefit from additional techniques including guided visualisations, dream work, and simple body, energy and breathing exercises. We use all of ourselves to support the healing process.  Sometimes the healing is as fundamental as getting to know ourselves better, personally, socially, sexually and spiritually.

Dr G S Wilson PhD Registered Member MBACP



Help is at hand...


Why not take advantage of my effective and affordable counselling therapy?  It draws upon a range of techniques in order to offer you a bespoke service.


I am based in a purpose built Therapy Room in UPTON.  This is situated in a private and peaceful setting which maintains your anonymity. 


I serve the needs of clients in the ACKWORTH, PONTEFRACT, BARNSLEY, and DONCASTER areas and beyond. 


Call me, Stuart, on

07900 827476   to discuss your needs or make an appointment.  My email address is:


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