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Most people who seek counselling therapy or psychotherapy have one simple aim – they want to feel better.  They prefer to leave the technical details to the professionals.  Potential clients tend to be more interested in finding a therapist that they are happy to work with.  My guiding principle is to see the person behind the symptoms, to match the therapy to their unique needs and aspirations, to ensure nobody does anything they are uncomfortable with.


The counselling therapies I offer give me flexibility to respond to the unique and personal needs of my clients.  My work is centred around the deep psychology and talking therapy known as Psychosynthesis.  This simply refers to helping the different parts of ourselves, such as our feelings, thoughts and beliefs, relate more effectively to each other.  Once we restore the balance and harmony in our inner world, we tend to find more balance and harmony in our outer world.


Sometimes people have an interest in psychological therapies. They, or someone close to them, may have had an experience that nudges them towards a particular approach.  It is not uncommon for people to favour a medical or scientifically measurable approach.  Alternatively, others are drawn to therapies which directly engage with the healing potential of their creative imagination.  For some clients, giving their spiritual, religious or community values more prominence is significant.  Experience suggests that elements from a range of schools of thought can be most beneficial. Sometimes what works is what matters.


From a psychospiritual perspective, I will mention a couple of situations where counselling therapies can really help.  Many of us suffer from a crisis of meaning.  This is sometimes known as a “mid-life crisis”, although it can, in fact, happen at any time.  When this occurs, nothing seems to matter anymore.  We have achieved our goals in life and no longer see the value of anything.  In extreme cases, we can’t even see the point of carrying on.  Loneliness, isolation, or problems with relationships, are often associated issues. 


Secondly, we are not sure who we are anymore.  This may follow a significant change in our life, such as a job loss or retirement, getting married or having a child, or the death of (or breakup with) someone close to us.  All these situations reflect a change in our status, to the world outside but also to ourselves.  Whether the focus is on professional or home life, sexual identity or spiritual purpose, you can be assured that I will offer you a practical and non-judgemental service.


Sometimes what starts as a purely health perspective evolves into a more developmental, psychological or psychospiritual one.  Perhaps the links between “health”, “wholeness” and “well-being” are an apt summary of this type of work.

Dr G S Wilson PhD Registered Member MBACP



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